Considering nobody has really asked any questions at all, here are my best guesses as to what the “Frequently Asked Questions” will someday be…

Q: Will this work as a full-time case for my phone?

A: If you really want it to, sure. However, the Poncho is designed to be temporary – for when you might run into some rain or something. The case would need to be taken off to charge or use the headphones, but if you’re comfortable with that then so am I.

Q: What features still work on the phone?

A: Basically everything that doesn’t involve the headphone jack or the dock connector. All of the buttons can be used through the case.

Q: Can I use speakerphone or listen to music?

A: Technically, yes, but practically, no. The silicone muffles the sound coming out of the speaker…but you’ll be able to hear your ringer just fine.

Q: What about warranty/returns/refunds etc?

A: The Poncho has a great warranty policy…if it breaks I’ll give you a new one, assuming you didn’t break it on purpose. My goal is to have 100% satisfaction on these. Check out the Legal Stuff page for more information. If you have had a problem, please use the contact page to get in touch, or send an email to customerservice [at] iphoneponcho [dot] com.

Q: What do you mean by “weatherproof”?

A: The case will do a great job protecting your phone, but by NO MEANS is it waterproof or provide any sort of guarantee against damage for your phone. Common sense is still required – if you think water will get in, it probably will. If water DID get in, then take the case off immediately, dry everything off, and then put it back on.

  1. Drizzle = OK
  2. Torrential Downpour = Risky
  3. Drop in a puddle = OK
  4. Scuba Diving = So long warranty
  5. Phone calls during rain = No problem
  6. Watching a movie or checking email during rain = You better be quick…

Q: What happens if my phone gets water damage while its wearing one of your Ponchos?

A: Tough cookies, unfortunately. The Poncho is a great and inexpensive way to help protect your phone, but it is still YOUR responsibility to ensure its protection. That being said, if you have a particularly ridiculous or hilarious story you’d like to share, I would love to hear it.

Q: Will people be able to tell that my microphone is covered?

A: In our tests, nobody can tell that you are using the case unless you tell them. I would describe it as “ever so slightly muffled.” I still wouldn’t stand out in the rain for a multiple hour phone call though.

Q: Sounds too good to be true. Whats the downside?

A: Only two that I have come across:

  1. Noise from the phone/case gets passed through to the microphone, such as the phone vibrating for a text or holding the case against your shoulder. Hold the phone with your hand and you’ll be fine.
  2. If water does happen to get in, there is no drain for it to exit. Make sure to check every now and then to make sure things are still hunkey-dorey.

Q: Any other colors available?

A: More colors will be released eventually, but they will be translucent and most likely from the “pastel” family.

Q: Can I get a custom design for my business or organization?

A: Absolutely! See here for custom designed iPhone cases.

Q: How did you get the speakers and microphone to work through the case?

A: Magic.

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