The Phone Poncho is custom fit silicone case with no openings except for the screen to help protect your phone from accidental damage when you’re out and about. We are a locally owned small business in WI, USA.

Why is it called a Phone Poncho?

A Rain Poncho Example

Face blurred to save from embarrassment

Well, have you ever been at a baseball game or a state fair when it starts raining? Usually when rain suddenly comes, the general population isn’t properly prepared and rushes to buy those cheap yellow trash-bag-like rain protectors…which are called Rain Ponchos where I come from.

That essentially why the Phone Poncho exists – an affordable and convenient way to help save your phone from damage when it otherwise would be exposed to the elements.

History of the Poncho

The iPhone Poncho was created in my unfinished basement in Wisconsin. My wife had recently called me up with the wonderful news of: “I may have just dropped my phone in the toilet. ” Luckily, the toilet water was clean and she was able to grab it out after only a few seconds.

Immediately we let it dry as best we could…put it in a plastic bag with rice and silicone packets, threw it in the clothes dryer on the rack for awhile, etc. After a few days I was confident that there was no water in the phone. Turned it on and….it worked!!

Well, upon further examination, it only kind of worked. The camera was completely broken and wouldn’t turn on, and the phone would drop calls with an alarming frequency (even more so than usual, ha!). We had always had problems with that phone and its reception, and this was sort of the icing on the cake.

I decided that it was time to take the phone in for service, to see if they would be able to help us out of a jam. I told the guy the story about the phone dropping calls (left out the part about the toilet) and he said “Sounds great, we’ll probably replace it for you. Let me just take a look at it.” The first thing he did was break out his pediatric-style ear examiner thingie and look in the headphone jack and the dock connector.

the red spot in the dock connectorWhat he saw was a little red dot on the bottom of her phone where the dock connector is. I figured he would do this inspection, so I was ready. Interestingly, the iPhone has two water damage indicators: one in the dock connector and one at the bottom of the headphone jack.  On my wife’s phone, the dock one was red (see photo) and the headphone jack was still ok.

Once seeing the red dot, he informed us that the warranty was entirely voided for the phone. I pleaded that it should still be covered considering the headphone jack indicator was still not tripped, but that did not make any difference. Her phone now bore the red badge of shame, and it was perma-banned from any sort of service.

While the iPhones are a technological marvel, it amazes me that they would expose the water damage indicators to the elements by not having them internal to the phone. Most devices, such as Blackberrys, have the same indicators but they are located under the battery cover. This location means that water really has to seep inside the phone in order to trip the sensor. I was struck by the thought that if I’m out golfing or spending a day at the beach and it starts raining, I would run the risk of voided the warranty of the phone with a few errant raindrops!

At that point I started the process to create a simple and inexpensive case that would protect the phone from casual water damage. Once I realized that you could cover the microphone and speaker with silicone and still pick up voices, the rest was history.

Hopefully you’ve purchased one or two and find them useful. I am just a regular guy who decided to launch a product to help other people in my situation, so feel free to drop me a line with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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